Trendy Hairstyles That’ll Turn Everyone’s Heads


Hairstyle trends have changed and come back throughout the years, from flashy pompadours to simple layered hair.


Of course, 2022 has welcomed new hairstyles that quickly became trending universally. More notably, 2022 has introduced us to several androgynous haircuts and new ways to dye your hair.


Here are 2022 hair trends that we’ve been seeing a lot!


1. Wolf cut

Source: Billie Eilish Instagram (@billieeilish)

The wolf cut incorporates the iconic shaggy hair cut way back from the 70s in a modernized way. The haircut is stylized in a mullet, except that it’s way choppier, layered, and fun.


2. Peek-a-boo hair

Source: LISA Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

The peek-a-boo hair is back again, with dyed hair that’s hidden beneath a layer of hair and mostly revealed when you tie your hair. The Peek-a-boo style is worn a lot by K-Pop idols, with the most popular colors being black and platinum white as the peek-a-boo color.


3. Hime cut

Source: HYUNA Instagram (@hyunah_aa)

Hime cut, derived from the Japanese word “Hime” meaning princess (which translates to princess cut) is a popular hairstyle that consists of bangs with straightly cut side pieces that frame your face. The hime cut originates from the Heian period of Japan and is often worn by women of nobility.


4. Voluminous 90’s hair

Source: Euphoria HBO Entertainment

Dramatic and voluminous waves are coming back again this year, as big and bouncy curls are being coveted again. Perfect with a curtain fringe, this is the perfect summer haircut.


5. Pixie cut

Source: The Batman (2022) Warner Bros.

Pixie cuts make a cute summer haircut, although natural it still gives off a fierce and independent vibe. As worn by Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2022), this is a versatile look that gives a statement.

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