Treasure’s Web Drama Gained 1M Views in the First Day

The Web drama that every Treasure member starred in has gained over one million views within one day of release.

On November 12, the first episode of ‘The Mysterious Class’ was aired and has since gained attention from Treasure’s fans, Teumes, and other K-POP enjoyers. 

Treasure has gained a solid fan base ever since the airing of the show to form the group, YG Treasure Box and this is one of the proof. Steadily garnering fans all over the world, they are one of the 4th Generation group powerhouses.

This web drama will surely take off as one of the most highly anticipated web dramas that all of a group’s members star in. With high-quality production and acting as well, this could really be a big break in their acting careers. 

‘The Mysterious Class’ takes on the horror genre in this drama, where twelve members of Treasure experience mysterious happenings in their school. 

The official synopsis is that Treasure members are going to try to summon a spirit that has infiltrated their classroom and they must find out who the ghost is among them. Problems arise when they start suspecting each other of being the ghost.

This Treasure web drama is going to have 8 episodes in total, which will be released every Friday night. 

Check out the international time schedule below:

  • 7 AM Central Time (CT)

  • 8 AM, Eastern Time (ET)

  • 5 AM, Pacific Time (PT)

  • 2 PM, Central European Time (CET)

  • 1 PM GMT

  • 6.30 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST)

  • 9 PM Malaysian Time

  • 10 PM, in Tokyo, Japan

  • 10.30 PM, Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)

  • 8 PM in Jakarta

Check out the first episode here.

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