TREASURE Shares Baby Pics for Children’s Day!


May 5 marks Children’s Day in South Korea where Children’s Day is a national public holiday where children in South Korea are celebrated as future leaders of the country. Children’s Day also recognizes children’s needs for love, and care.


In celebration of Children’s Day, TREASURE members posted their baby pictures on Weverse to share with fans!



Hyunsuk shared an adorable picture of him when he was a baby playing with a Dipsy doll from Teletubbies while wearing yellow toy stethoscope with toy cars around him.



Jihoon’s baby picture shows him sitting down with his classmates during school, wearing what looks like large ski glasses and a cute giraffe nametag on his school shirt.



Baby Yoshi’s looking sweet and adorable wearing adorable navy and white traditional clothes.



Although not a baby pic, Junkyu still looks cute as a kid wearing a pink Adidas t-shirt and a black cap while skating.



Baby Mashiho looks cute and adorable wearing a trendy red and yellow outfit while trying to lift the weights on display.



Also a kid picture, Jaehyuk looks cool as he has a trendy old-school mullet.



So cute! Asahi’s baby picture is of him wearing a gray top and a gray hat outdoors, showing a shy smile.



Yedam shows his outgoing and fun side when he was a baby, as his baby picture is of him riding an ATV for kids.



Doyoung is wearing an adorable black and white striped jacket that matches his doll beside him.



Haruto’s baby picture shows a close-up of a gaping baby Haruto staring into the camera.



Jeongwoo looks dapper and tidy with a bowl haircut and a cute denim outfit.



Junghwan’s wearing a winter coat with a furry hood, showing his funny expression to the camera with his mouth wide open.

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