TREASURE — “DARARI” Remix Performance Video Released


TREASURE’s exclusive ‘DARARI’ performance video was finally released last Thursday, May 12, 2022, for fans to enjoy.


The performance video is a rock remix of their song ‘DARARI’ included in their recent comeback, The Second Step: Chapter One. ‘DARARI’ has recently become viral on social media, especially TikTok as it’s a popular sound for TikTok videos.


The rock remix is more upbeat with strong drum beats and electric guitars, perfectly captured with TREASURE’s energetic performance.


The 12 members wore all black, with black graphic tees and black skinny jeans. In other scenes, they wore black leather jackets with plain white t-shirts underneath. They also wore silver chains and pearl necklaces that stand out during the performance.


The performance video showed their full ‘DARARI’ choreography, which was revealed during their 1st Concert, TRACE. There were some scenes of the members having fun and dancing freely, with Jihoon even breaking the guitar at the end.


Watch the ‘DARARI’ Exclusive Remix Performance Video here!


Meanwhile, an exclusive pop-up store for TREASURE’s BLOOMING Merchandise was just opened in South Korea in TheSameE Cafe B1. The pop-up store will open from 13 May 2022, until June 2022.




Fans can purchase merchandise from TREASURE’s BLOOMING collection, ranging from special and limited items including photo cards, postcards, posters, deco tape, tin cases, and a photobook.


The theme for the pop-up store follows the BLOOMING merchandise, with soft pastel colors of yellow, blue, and green with a flower shop concept as the theme of the merchandise is being florists.

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