Travel Restrictions to Canada

From the beginning of the pandemic, restrictions on entry to Canada have changed. Allowing entrance only to people for essential travel reasons. Students spent a long time waiting for their student VISA and needed to meet some requirements when entering the country; among them, are quarantined. Currently, due to the progress of the vaccinated population; and the reduction of infected people. Some measures to combat Covid-19 have been changed throughout Canada travel conditions.

As of February 28, fully vaccinated people do not need a Covid test before entering the country, nor will they be required to undergo quarantine. For the unvaccinated ones, the restrictions remain in place. They are required to complete Covid testing before, after, and eight days after the flight. While for the partially vaccinated, Covid tests will be randomly given to people upon landing. In the case of children under 12 years of age flying with fully vaccinated persons, they will also not need to complete quarantine.

Non-essential travel is now allowed, but it was suggested to continue to take care more of the measures. More airports in Canada opened to receive international flights. Before, only 18 airports are Canada were allowed. The new airports that can receive flights from abroad are Windsor, London, Fort McMurray, and Moncton.

The travel regulation modifications were stated on February 15 by Health Minister, Jean-Yves Duclos. Now, it has been implemented. All travelers entering the country must remember to complete the form on ArriveCan. For more information on travel restrictions, please visit the website.

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