Traditional Childhood Games You’ve Definitely Played but Forgot About

Nothing beats childhood memories other than traditional old-school games that you’ve played together with your friends or classmates during early childhood.


As we’re still going through a pandemic, let’s reminisce our childhood by recalling traditional childhood games!


1. Tag

Source: pseudoplacebo via Flickr

Tag is simple at its best, but definitely a classic. With easy rules, it’s a quick and easy game that everyone can play. The person that’s “it” must usually wait for 10 seconds and chase other people to tag them. The one that’s not it must run to the safe zone without getting tagged.


2. Hide and Seek

Also a classic game, the seeker must countdown from around 100 so the hiders can hide. The seeker wins once they find everyone, and the next seeker is the first person found. The last one found is the winner when the time is up.


3. Tug of War

Players get split into two groups who must tug on the rope on their respective ends as hard as they can. To determine the winner, the center of the rope is usually marked with tape so when the tape passes the center, the team who pulled the rope until the tape passes the center facing them wins.


4. Red Light Green Light

Source: Jarek Tuszyński / CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia

If you’ve seen Squid Game, it’s a less violent version where no one gets shot. The person who’s it has to stand a good distance from the rest, with their back facing the rest.


The one who’s it must close their eyes when they say “Green light” and that’s a sign that the rest of the players can move towards them. Once they say “Red light” the one who’s it has to swing their body and face towards the rest of the players to abruptly catch the ones still moving. Whoever reaches the end wins!


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