Tough Stains? Not to worry!


Tough stains on cloth are a menace that exists everywhere and happens to everyone. In going about our daily life activities there’s no telling what we’ll come across. It could be a slight bump with someone carrying a chocolate shake, a splash of muddy water by the car of a reckless driver, a slight fall on the concrete floor, or even an upturned ink bottle.


I remember the day I was feeling grand with my white shirt as I hurried to go to work, only to come in contact with a little kid at the bus station, who for some reasons best known to her felt a bit of red would make my outfit better and smeared me with the tomato ketchup which was all over her tiny hands and mouth from the huge burger she was eating. I gave the mother an earful on why she should pay more attention to her kids so they don’t end up being a nuisance to others and why the little one shouldn’t be eating in a bus station, but unfortunately, it didn’t in any way change my plight of the already stained shirt.


People are forever in search of ways to remove these tough stains. Not to worry, the following are common household products that have been proven to remove tough stains.


  1. Vinegar; for tomato stains such as mine described above. Works for tea stains too.
  2. Toothpaste; works for a variety of stains.
  3. A combo of vinegar and salt; works for sweat stains and mildew smell or stains.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda; for grass stains.
  5. Vinegar and hairspray; for stubborn ink stains.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide; works for blood, grass, chocolate, wine, or sweat stains.
  7. Corn starch; helps remove greases. The trick is to put cornstarch on the stain spot immediately for it to absorb the oil, after which you launder normally.


It is very important that you don’t put the cloth in the dryer until you’re sure that the stain is all gone. Otherwise, you will end up with a permanent stain and might have to say goodbye to that favorite cloth.

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