[Toraha Infinity Diary #10]Use summon tickets and synthesis to increase your combat power! Will high rarity emerge (RY edition) | Famitsu App for smartphone game information

I want to improve my fighting power for the next time!

Hello everyone! In the previous article, when I challenged the Infinity Tower, I was beaten by a splendid blow, so I checked my equipment and other stats, but I completely forgot about the summon ticket. I’ve collected daily and login bonuses and haven’t used them, so I’ve accumulated so much.

Download (13)

The more I accumulate, the more wasteful it gets, and it’s hard to get out of it, but I’m going to give it a try. Start by summoning allies.

download (2)
download (3)

Since I’m choosing the Assassin profession, I’m aiming for Welly, who specializes in attacking, or Titi, who specializes in defense. Assassins have low defense stats, so if you’re surrounded by multiple enemies, it’s easy to get into a pinch, so if you want to increase your survival rate, defense is the only choice. On the other hand, attack specialization is simply suitable for going around quests and conquering, so it can contribute to improving the efficiency of dungeon digestion and increasing the experience gained when using AI mode.

download (4)
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As for vehicles, it is safe to choose either defense or attack specialization. In addition to that, I would like to increase my level by increasing EXP, so I would recommend Wohog Roberto or Judith who specializes in defense.

download (6)
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Let’s start with the 10th series! Suddenly, a high-rarity production came and I got Roberto! It’s too hot to draw the character I wanted in the first shot!

Download (14)
Download (8)

20th row! What a high rarity production! Tap the screen cautiously to get the second Roberto! What are the odds of this! ? If this is the result after using 20 luxury summon tickets, you have a chance to summon a normal friend! ? I thought, and pulled it out unintentionally.

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Far from being a hero rarity, it’s not even rare, it’s sunk… No, this flow is coming differently! And clutching the high-class summon ticket, go to the equipment summons. The aim is to select equipment of hero rarity, but is it true?

Download (10)

In the 10th row, remove 4 pieces of equipment of rare rarity, and this will come out! ? I was waiting with a breath, but the game ended without a scratch in the 20th row.

As a result, I was able to get Roberto, the hero’s vehicle, so it was great.

Aim for pets of hero rarity by synthesis!

As mentioned above, I couldn’t get any results from pets, so when I was wondering if I should accumulate more and draw them, I remembered the synthesis function. I was thinking of doing it later when I had enough money, but now is the perfect time. I would like to synthesize while verifying whether it is possible to raise from rare to hero rarity. It’s worth aiming for because it’s a character with a high ability value even if you can aim at the current situation.

Download (11)

5% chance. It’s insanely low, but since the methods are limited, I have no choice but to rely on this hand!

Download (12)

I thought that something would come out … but this time I failed. I wonder if there weren’t many. I don’t have anything like a limited time so far, so I hope I can get my revenge at the right time.

That’s it for RY.

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