Top Trades in Canada

A skilled trade is a career requiring hands-on work and specialty knowledge; skilled trade workers build and maintain the infrastructure in our lives. Trade workers perform many of the services we rely on every day.


The following are the top 5 in-demand trades in Canada.


Automotive Service Technician

Man in Blue Zip Up Jacket Standing Near Red Car

An automotive service technician performs preventative maintenance on a vehicle; they also diagnose problems and repair vehicle systems. Specifically, they maintain and repair things like vehicle assemblies, maintain vehicle alignments, and also manage systems such as suspension, ignition, emission control, and temperature control systems.



Man and Woman Wearing Black and White Striped Aprons Cooking

A cook’s job is to prepare a wide range of foods for public consumption in multiple settings. A cook prepares, cooks, and assembles food, creates special dishes and develops recipes, performs menu and nutritional planning, estimates consumption, and practices food safety standards.


Carpenter (General)

A Woman Using a Miter Saw

A general carpenter works to construct and maintain structures made of multiple materials in a variety of settings, like residential, commercial, and industrial settings. A carpenter establishes procedures, prepares work sites, installs formwork and foundations, and performs layouts, constructions, and renovations.



Woman Curling Another Woman's Hair

A hairstylist performs a range of services, including cutting, designing, coloring, straightening, and more. They perform health and safety procedures, routine salon functions, chemical treatments, and cuts and styles, as well as work with wigs, hairpieces, and extensions.



Free Person Wearing Protective Mask Stock Photo

A welder permanently joins pieces of metal or manufactured parts; they also build and repair structures and carry out specific processes. They perform specific tasks like layout, cutting, fitting, fabricating, and joining; they also perform quality control throughout a project.

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