Top Tier Rhythm Games to Immerse Yourself In

If you haven’t played any rhythm games in a long time, this is a sign for you to play rhythm games again! Or if you haven’t played rhythm games at all – this is the perfect chance to!

Rhythm games are one of the games that you can play casually as nothing can top the satisfying feeling when your full combo. Although failing difficult stages can be stressful, playing rhythm games are still a comfort close to our hearts.


Here are top-tier rhythm games for you!


1.      Osu!

If you’re familiar with rhythm games, Osu! might go you into rhythm games. Osu! might be one of the best rhythm games out there as players can make their own beatmaps of any song out there, making it easy for you to get immersed in the game.


2.      Beat Saber

Although strictly a VR game, Beat Saber is addicting with its innovative and unique gameplay of slashing the beats. With a futuristic design and neon lights, the game will give you adrenaline even after the song ends.


3.      Arcea New Dimension

Arcea is one of those rhythm games that gets you frustrated and addicted at the same time, which may stem from the unique gameplay it has with its three-dimensional mechanics with its floor and sky notes.



What’s a rhythm game without Hatsune Miku’s songs or vocals? Play with Hatsune Miku herself, featuring other Vocaloids, as well as iconic Hatsune Miku songs.

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