Top Gun 2 SkyRockets To £160.5 Million Box Office.


The future for Top Gun: Maverick looks positive as the movie has made a shattering of £160.5M in the first four days. According to Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean was the original titleholder, with a fantastic £153M.


Top Gun 2 box office is undoubtedly the peak of Tom Cruise’s career. It is the first time in his career that a movie has opened up to be more than £100M.


The long-awaited sequel to the iconic 1986 movie is a defining moment for box office recovery, which has been fueled by superhero fare propped up by males ages 18 to 34

More than 70% of Top Gun 2‘s audience was over the age of 25. This includes 55% over age 35, 38% over 45, and 18% over 55.


Ticket buyers bestowed the film with a glowing A+ CinemaScore. In addition, Imax and premium-format screens turned in a whopping 37 percent of the gross.


Though the movie has been increasingly successful, the path to success wasn’t at all easy for Cruise. The release date for the film was delayed for two years due to the pandemic.


A relentless promoter Cruise is, he went on a worldwide marketing tour in recent weeks, which saw him make stops at a world premiere in San Diego, the Cannes Film Festival, a Royal-sponsored screening in London, and another premiere in Japan.


Heading into the holiday, Paramount tried to temper expectations since tracking showed the $170 million film opening to $92 million-plus. Yet many pundits believe the critically acclaimed sequel could soar well north of $100 million domestically.


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