Top 5 Dunkin’s Donuts

Have you tried one of these Dunkin’ Donuts?

Who doesn’t know Dunkin Donuts? This America’s favorite coffee and donut have existed for a long time and are still the favorite. For me personally, Dunkin Donuts is the first donut chain I know, and I still prefer Dunkin. From many donut kinds in Dunkin, there are chain’s best of 5. According to Eat This, Not That, here is the top 5 of Dunkin’ Donuts.

  1. Chocolate Glazed
Image source: Delish

As it placed number one, this one is slightly different from the other. If you are a chocolate lover, you should try this one. Chocolate glazed is actually a chocolate cake donut dipped in sugar frosting. The dough is different from the ordinary donut. Thus the texture is more like cake but still fluffy like any donut. This will be the perfect companion for your morning coffee.

  1. Glazed
Image source: Insider

The classic one, glazed. We can find glazed donuts almost everywhere. The glazed donuts are never wrong and always be a delicious treat. Somehow, glazed by Dunkin is kind of different; the dough is very different. It’s not just fluffy but also thick and buttery. Maybe that is what makes Dunkin glazed is special.

  1. Jelly
Image source: Mashed

Donut filled with jelly, who is like the combination of sweet sugar and sour jelly? You can find it on Dunkin jelly-filled donuts. This jelly-filled donut is covered with powdered sugar when most of them are glazed. It seems Dunkin wants to keep its classic jelly-filled donut covered in powdered sugar. The jelly filling will melt out when you bite the fluffy donut and some powdered sugar that also melt within your mouth.

  1. Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles
Image source: Business Insider

Not only colorful but also delicious. Just like the glazed donut, chocolate frosted donuts are never wrong as well. To make it even more festive, some sprinkles were added. Just look like a classic donut we know since we were kids, right? But, adults also need sweets sometimes, a chocolate frosted donut just right.

  1. Boston Cream
Image source: Pinterest

This one is filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate frosting. You will find the taste of chocolate-vanilla in one bite. The vanilla filling and chocolate frosting just melt in your mouth with a fluffy exterior of the donut—a perfect treat to fill your sugar craving.

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