Top 3 most tragic female leads in Webtoons

Considering many newly released webtoons in 2021, we have chosen the top three tragic female protagonists ever existing in ‘kakao webtoons’. Most of them are of fantasy and romantic genre yet include such outstanding tragic scenes that can emotionally reach the reader’s heart. Let’s have a look!

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1. Limited Extra Time: Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy.

Rating 4.4/5

Have you ever read a tragic story? As we may see, this one is another story of the female lead that has a tragic life called ‘Karina’. A webcomic adaptation has just been released in Korean. You may be curious as to what’s so interesting about this story? As the story is gradually unfolded, Karina’s inferiority complex is used by the author to demonstrate how parental affection can psychologically affect the child’s attitude. 

You can also find more on Kakao Webtoon Page.


2. I tamed a tyrant and ran away: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Rating : 3.9/5

Have you ever felt so frustrated when reading a romance fantasy webcomic? This Webtoon can somehow make many readers feel frustrated as they see the female lead’s background story unfolds. Not only had Charlize, the female lead, suffered from inhuman abuse by an emperor but also she was treated badly by her own family. 

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3. I became the wife of the male lead: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Rating : 4.7/5 

This is the story of two illegitimate kids who accidentally met each other on the battlefield. It may sound strange but, surely, both of them were sent to the battlefield to fight against monsters and protect their homeland. You can also find more information on Kakao Webtoon Page. 

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