Tokopedia WIB: Indonesia K-Pop Awards 2021’s Line Up Filled with Stars

Tokopedia is one of the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia. It was established in February 2009 and officially launched to the public in August 2009. Tokopedia contributed to supporting Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises to expand their businesses by online marketed their products.

In October 2019, Tokopedia appointed BTS as their Brand Ambassador, and later in January 2021, they extended their contract with BTS and added BLACKPINK. With growing popularity and achievements from both groups, as expected, Tokopedia gained a lot of exposure and enthusiasm from both fans of the groups.

In July 2020, Tokopedia invited BTS to perform in their monthly event on Payday date, 25. However, because of the current pandemic, BTS was only able to attend virtually. Since then, Tokopedia has regularly invited K-pop groups as their guest stars for a virtual performance. Every time they have a K-pop group as a guest, Tokopedia would be trending on Twitter.

With much enthusiasm from K-pop fans, Tokopedia did a survey to hold K-pop awards for previously invited K-pop groups. From September 15th to 30th, Tokopedia collected votes for the nominated K-pop group from their respective fans through their application.

Tokopedia announced on November 11th that the awaited K-pop Awards show would be held this November 25th. They also announced the Line-Up of artists who are going to brisk the show. The said groups are BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, NCT DREAM, Secret Number, ITZY, The Boyz, TREASURE, Stray Kids, and aespa. The show will be streamed live through Tokopedia YouTube channel, Tokopedia Play, and Indonesian local TV channels.

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