Toei’s Copyright Claims On YouTube

Recently, Toei has been on a storm of copyright claims, which has led to a few policy changes on YouTube.

So, if you don’t know, Toei is the animation studio behind several anime, such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. There are a lot of people on YouTube who love One Piece. Hell, hundreds of thousands of people love One Piece.

However, there are people who talk about the anime and others who react to it, but Toei doesn’t like that. They hate it so much that they copyright claim their videos, meaning they get no money from it. Sometimes, it’s just a warning, and others, it’s a strike on the channel.

The biggest example of that recently was Youtuber Totally Not Mark. Mark wasn’t a One Piece Youtuber, but he got into the anime by reviewing each arc and catching up to the current manga releases. Unfortunately, Toei saw his videos and claimed all of them. In fact, they removed all of his videos that talked about one of their properties, hitting over 150. However, Toei backed off after a bunch of backlash, and he got his videos back.

Now – two days ago, actually – Mark posted a video talking about how Youtube helped him get the videos back. He goes on to speak about Youtube’s new policy where videos can be taken down in some countries. However, they will remain up and viewable in regions with stronger fair use protection.

That means his Japanese viewers can’t see his videos, but other parts of the world can.

“My videos are delivered in English and are clearly targeted to those in the western world. So Youtube removed the videos in Japan, because, given their limited application of copyright exceptions, Toei might see this as infringing in Japan,” he says in the video.

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