Today Wraps Up the Last Day of GOT7’s “Homecoming 2022” Fan Concert.


GOT7 just successfully held their ‘Homecoming 2022’ Fan Concert in the South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Seoul on 21 May and 22 May with Ahgase short for I GOT 7 who are GOT7’s fandom.


The first day was held offline while the second day was held both offline and online, where fans can watch online through KAVECON, TTM, or Melon Ticket.



GOT7 has finally reunited again as 7 in front of fans after the group departs from JYP Entertainment back in January.


During the fancon, GOT7 had a segment where they interacted with fans and answered Q&As. GOT7 also performed “NANANA” from their new album.


Here are some moments from the fancon!


1. Some of the members’ parents came to support


Jay B and Jinyoung’s parents came to support their children as loving parents do, as well as Ahgase’s who were waiting by giving out rice cakes with GOT7’s logo on them. Cute!


2. Chaotic energy


GOT7 isn’t GOT7 without chaotic energy. After screaming and shouting while performing, they still maintained their chaotic energy after the fancon, which lasted for 3-4 hours.


3. Members teasing each other


There was a lot of banter between members as they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Ahgase’s were happy to see the members interacting with each other again.


4. GOT7 taking song requests during the encore


We would think that encore songs would already be decided from the set list, however, GOT7 decided to take song requests from fans, including old gems such as “A”, “Fly”, and “Lullaby”.

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