To Help Fight Russia, Norwegian Sends 100 Missiles To Ukraine

source indonesia sindonews


The Norwegian Ministry of Defense announced that it had sent 100 mistral air defense missiles to Ukraine. Although the weapon system is no longer used by the Norwegian military, it is still considered quite effective.


“Mistral systems have been used on mine destroyers and corvettes. This is the type of air defense the armed forces are planning to replace,” Defense Secretary Bjørn Arild Gram said in a statement.


“Therefore, this assistance will not have a major impact on the operational capabilities of the national military,” he added.


He explained that the missile will no longer be used by the Norwegian military. However, he believes that the weapons are still modern and useful for Ukraine.


It should be noted that Ukraine’s allies have pledged to send more weapons to help the country defend itself against a new Russian attack.


Launching BBC International, the United States (US) and others pledged to send artillery, anti-tank, and air defense assistance to Kyiv.


The US Department of Defense said additional military aircraft and aircraft spare parts had been sent to Ukraine to increase the size of their fleet as well as repair others in Ukraine’s damaged arsenal.

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