To Fill but Not To Fill

The feeling of an empty stomach is a bit like a cup of bitter tea, how so? Drinking bitter tea makes you want to add sugar, not a lot, just enough so the tea will lose its bitterness. Now, what do you do with an empty stomach that’s not ready to eat full meals? Snacks.

Here are some snacks that you can try:

1. Roasted Sunflower Seeds

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You can have these salted or unsalted and they’ll still be good. The effort you put in to peel these suckers is worth it and because the insides are so small, you have to eat more. It’s a good thing that sunflower seeds come in packets, so you’ll definitely know when you’ve had enough.


2. Nuts

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This is similar to roasted sunflower seeds or in fact any other seeds (but sunflower seeds are more addicting). Although more people are probably allergic to nuts. Be careful though, sometimes it can be hard to stop eating nuts. The crunch and taste grow on you and before you know it, someone will have to stop you from eating more. The same thing again, because they’re small, you feel like you have to eat more.


3. Crackers

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There’s no point in specifying what crackers to eat because they’re all delightful. Saltines are usually the go-to though. Crackers pair well with hummus, honey, marshmallows or even when they are smushed together as s’mores.


4. Yoghurt

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This is every fruit’s best friend, an island for oats and nuts, and has a tight bond with honey. Even so, Yoghurt is still strong on its own.


5. Granola Bar

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Granola bars with healthful components like oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are a great way to add variety to your diet. Another good thing about granola bars is that they are well proportioned so you won’t have to worry about overeating the ones that have more sugar and carbs.


6. Popcorn

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Perfect for when watching movies. Salted, unsalted, sweet, caramelized. Don’t kid yourself though, the popcorn will be gone by the time you’ve finally chosen something to watch.


7. Fruit

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Does this even need an explanation?

You can turn them into smoothies/smoothie bowls, freeze them, pair them with honey/yoghurt, slice them up or eat them whole. There has been no mention of any fruit but I bet at least one fruit came into your mind. Nothing will ever beat fruits as snacks.

There are so many varieties, you don’t like apples? Try pears, don’t like peaches? Go with nectarines or plums, hate raisins? Have you ever tried dates? And vice versa.

The kinds of snacks are endless, you can even cut vegetables, roast them and call it done. Snacks can be healthy and good for you, there is no limit to the substitutions you can make to suit your tastebuds.

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