Time is Inescapable in Shyamalan’s Latest Film “Old”

M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent film, Old, which came out this last July definitely stands up as a worthy watch alongside his other notable works which include The Sixth Sense, Signs, and Unbreakable. He’s been known as the director who bends reality and what you thought you knew of the characters and original premise to bring you far beyond any sure feeling of what’s about to happen or even the timeline itself as the films progress and Old certainly is no exception.

To the delight of his devoted fans over the years, the film Old takes audiences on the same kind of journey as several families join and interact on a vacation to a tropical resort of mysterious presence and history. The main families, each with their own unique characters and struggles all end up together on a remote beach at the recommendation of the resort but when intense, strange events occur increasingly, all is thrown into chaos and uncertainty. 

The families quickly have to discover the true reality of their circumstances and of the beach they have found themselves on, which seems to defy and deny time itself. The thriller aspect of this film could not be better and Shyamalan fans, as well as fans of psychological suspense and mysteries that will keep you guessing, will certainly not be disappointed by this next watch. The ending could not be more shocking as you circle back on the whole plot and the characters in a movie that enriches with a second watch given the ending knowledge.

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