Friday, December 3, 2021

TikTok’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Turkey Hits on Thanksgiving

Liven up your Thanksgiving with a pleasant dessert. Not a pie, not marshmallows on sweet potato casserole, but a chocolate-covered strawberry turkey. This viral recipe is a hit on TikTok once again after one year. Last year, this recipe was a particular TikTok trend on Thanksgiving.


This one-bite treat is quite simple and fun to make. You just need 4 ingredients to make this turkey-like chocolate-covered strawberry, you will obviously need strawberries, melted chocolate, pretzel sticks, and mini marshmallows.


Here’s a clever way to make the strawberry look like a turkey. Poke the pretzel stick into mini marshmallows, use a little melted chocolate to stick pretzel-marshmallow “drumstick” to each side of the strawberry. Then, dip the whole thing into melted chocolate until it is well covered. This version of turkey strawberry was shared by @_ellagrace12 on TikTok and has reached 834,200 likes.


There is another way to make a more realistic turkey with more marshmallows. You can cut a corner off your marshmallows to create a taper that enables the marshmallow to attach to the strawberry in a way that looks more natural. This trick was shared by TikToker @doubledippeddessert as the early credit for this recipe last year.


@delish on TikTok also added another creation of this finger dessert. To give your turkey a properly plump breast, you need to cut another mini marshmallow in half diagonally and stick each half to either side of the top of your strawberry.

The creativity is indeed limitless, another TikToker @chocolatedipsbylisa shared another trick to make turkey strawberry. For a fuller-looking drumstick, Lisa uses two marshmallows on each pretzel stick and adds a little painting gold highlighter once the chocolate dried.

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