TikTok Will Open Its Delivery-Only Restaurant Next Year

From a video app to a food delivery service?

2022 will be a new page for the video app TikTok. Recently, there were various dishes that went viral on TikTok and got a bunch of attention. People tend to make the dish based on the viral recipe, even creating another variation from the current recipe. From coffee topped with whipped granulated sugar to baked feta pasta.

Ever imagine that you could buy the viral food right at the same time? If you wish so, TikTok will gladly grant your wish. Next year, in collaboration with Virtual Dining Concepts, TikTok will open 300 delivery-only restaurants throughout the United States and serve the trending food on its app.

The menu will depend on trending foods on the app, but this TikTok’s delivery kitchen also serves staple foods to fill your main meal course. TikTok planning on expanding the chain to 1,000 restaurants nationwide by the end of 2022 as well. Now, you can taste the trending recipe right after you scroll down your page. You can order the famous dishes of the year like baked feta pasta, pasta chips, corn cob ribs, and nature’s cereal to your home.

TikTok also works together with GrubHub as its restaurant delivery partner, thus make sure you already sign up to GrubHub before ordering some food from TikTok’s kitchen. Lately, TikTok become the place where trending food comes, no wonder if TikTok uses this opportunity to invent something new. The platform also believes that people are always curious about the taste of various viral foods on TikTok but don’t really want to cook it for some reason. So, why don’t just open the restaurant?

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