Tier Ranking: The Harry Potters Films

Since the 20th anniversary special is going to come very soon, let us discuss and share what we think about each Harry Potter film adaptation (exclusively film adaptation) and how it fits in a tiered ranking. 

As someone who has read all the books, this is my entitled opinion:

Tier 4: Half-Blood Prince & Order of the Phoenix

As books, these are probably two of the best stories I have read in the entire series. As for films? Were they good? Sure. Were they the best? No. Both are very complex in stories, as are the rest of the books but there are just more interesting things in these two books than the rest. 

At this point in the series, the story is reaching its climax and building towards the finale. Surely, they needed to be great stories with great films. Unfortunately, the films did not cut it. There were many things the films missed out and they are honestly better off as books. 

Tier 3: Chamber of Secrets & Deathly Hallows Part One

Chamber of Secrets is a cute film and though there are not many things wrong with it, there is something about the film that was not as complete as the book. 

The Deathly Hallows films are both quite good in terms of being films of novel adaptations. However, I would prefer both of them in books, the first part specifically.

Tier 2: Goblet of Fire, Sorcerer’s Stone & Deathly Hallows Part Two

Goblet of Fire was perhaps a favorite of mine after PoA. Though it missed a few important details from the book, it is still something I could rewatch without getting bored. 

Sorcerer’s Stone gets this placement because of nostalgia points. Deathly Hallows 2 also gets this placement because there is something about the last film that needs to be a higher ranking. These two are, after all, the first and last films that I had to give credit for. 

Tier 1: Prisoner of Azkaban

This film stands alone because it stands out more than the rest. Coincidentally, this is the only film that has a Director of Color, Alfonso Cuarón, who is Mexican and who understood the assignment very well. By assignment, I meant he really dissected the book and melted it onto our screens. If one read the book and saw the film, in whatever order, it will not be a problem because it complements each other very well. 

In any case, all the films have many things to offer and Harry Potter is such a dear series to many of us. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, let’s rewatch! The entire series is available to watch in Disney+ Hotstar.

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