Throwback Films To Rewatch


Our childhood is probably the best memory we have. It’s so far back that we can’t remember the bad times, and even if we can, we remember the naivety of it and how sweet life was. Movies come in all shapes and sizes, but children’s movies are particularly sweet. They still give us life lessons whilst reminding us of innocence and happier times.


Here, I’ve listed my favorite kids’ films to rewatch!


Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc is one of the best movies of all time. The duo that is Mike Wazowski and Sully is iconic and so funny to watch! Watching them be fearful but caring towards Boo is heartwarming, and you can’t help but become invested in their journey.



A more obscure film is Beetlejuice! Starring Winona Ryder, the film follows Lydia, a young strange, and unusual girl who can feel the presence of ghosts in her house. This film is fun and strange and reminds you of being a kid who nobody quite understands or believes!


Toy Story

Toy Story is potentially the most iconic and famous children’s film there is! It deals with issues of jealousy, and possessiveness and teaches kids to be more open-minded. As a kid, the scenes with Sid were terrifying but bring back a lot of nostalgia!


Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise seems to never be finished and for a good reason! It has eight different films to pick from, and each one brings a different form of lesson and nostalgia. The series also deals with almost every issue possible, family problems, friendship fall-outs, bullies, school troubles, and war. The Harry Potter films are classics and some of the best of all time!

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