Three tips to adjust your sleep schedule!

Nowadays, Working from home can sometimes cause some people to be stressed or tend to sleep really late. They might try to change their bed time, however, unfortunately, it’s not that easy at all. I also suffer from insomnia and can barely sleep. So, today I have prepared all the tips that can help everyone get better!

First of all, You must not drink any drinks that contain Caffeine such as coffee, soft drinks, or any type of tea.

Caffeine can cause people to be more active and sometimes increase the heart rate which makes it harder for you to sleep. So, please try to avoid drinking those three to have a better sleep.

*Be careful! Please remember that some herbal tea such as Chamomile tea is unlike other caffeinated teas*

Not only can Chamomile improve the immune system but It can also aid with sleep and help people relax their mind.

Secondly, it is to take a bath with warm water! 

Because warm water can help you relax your muscles tension and releases your stress. That’s why you should take a bath with warm water to get better sleep. This will obviously help when it’s winter and the temperature is too low.

Thirdly, stop drinking too much water before you go to bed! 

Some people may have a problem that they wake up during the night just to go to the toilet and this literally disturbs their sleep cycle. So, please remember that at least three hours before you go to bed, you should not drink too much water.


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