Three Tips to Cure Constipation

Even though It’s really normal to have constipation from time to time, that’s not the case here! Because today I’ve prepared some good information and tips to help everyone not to have constipation anymore! You will no longer experience those painful periods in the toilet and be healthier if you do as I mentioned below!


  1. Drink more YOGURT!

Because those yogurts mostly contain live cultures that can help improve your intestinal balance and make your large intestine become healthier. So, every time you drink yogurt, your constipation will surely get better. But, please remember that you have to drink one cup of yogurt for at least three days straight because if you have too little, it will have no effect at all. Moreover, the nutrients and fibers derived from fruits will make your skin glow more naturally.

  1. Drink more water! 

Many people find out that if they drink more water, they would have less constipation. As long as one drinks enough water, the excretory system will improve. As for the quantity of water one will have to consume per day, we can calculate by using this formula:

weight x 2.2 x 30/2 = quantities of water (ml.)


For example weight 50 x 2.2 x 30/2 = 1,650 ml.

However, please be careful and do not drink too much water as it can cause your kidney to function too hard. 

  1. Eat a Cavendish banana! 

Actually, Cavendish bananas can help the digestive system and it has many beneficial nutrients that can help you have less constipation! So, let’s try to eat it from time to time.

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