Three Reasons to Watch “Julie and the Phantoms”


From the man who brought us High School Musical and Descendents, Kenny Ortega did it again with the Netflix musical tv show. When Julie finds an old CD in her mother’s belongings, there was no way for her to know that playing it would bring three ghosts into her life.


With the band members now following her around, she needs to figure out how to balance her two lives, which is difficult when the boys are invisible to everyone but her; except when they’re making music with Julie. 


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Luke and Julie

It wouldn’t be a list about Julie and the Phantoms without talking about the relationship between the human girl and the frontman ghost. Very quickly, their relationship morphs into something very sweet, and had we gotten another season, their friendship might have been given the chance to move to date. Even still, their chemistry and the care they have for one another have caused the show to become so popular. With Julie having a crush on a boy from school at the start of the show, there is a hint of a love triangle throughout, but fans know that Juke is the endgame.



The songs

Every song in the show is great. Whether it’s Julie’s enemy at school, the boys riffing on the beach, or the villainous ghost played by the incredibly talented Cheyenne Jackson, the music of Julie and the Phantoms is hit after hit. It’s no surprise that the songs are fantastic, Kenny Ortega does have a great track record with killer albums after all, but the slightly more grown-up sound that Julie and the Phantoms go for makes the soundtrack easy to slot into any playlist. 


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The Band

The boys had been friends for years before the start of the show, but Julie was welcomed in quickly, and the foursome’s friendship is funny and sweet to see. With each of the characters getting a chance to shine in the short run time, there is no shortage of great moments between them. From lighthearted moments, like Luke flirting with Reggie to show that he has chemistry with everyone, to the group hug in the last episode that makes even the biggest cynic grin, the band has the best relationship, and its clear to see throughout the show.


Kenny Ortega has since said that there are no plans currently to continue the show after its cancellation, but that ‘anything is possible.’ With the show having sat in purgatory before its cancellation, even the immense pressure from fans to get a second season couldn’t keep it from getting the chop. Even still, there’s hope that another company can pick up the show for more seasons.


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