Three Easy Ways to Help Others in the Cost of Living Crisis


The cost of living crisis is something nobody could have predicted and is all over the headlines at the moment. People who were just about financially comfortable before are starting to struggle, whilst those on the breadline are slowly sinking beneath it.


The price of everything has risen dramatically over the past few months, from fuel to food, and has impacted heavily on the economy as well as the personal finances of ordinary people. Some are going without food or fuel to pay the bills.


There are a few things you can do to help those who need it most.


1) Donate to a foodbank.

If you can, consider picking up some cheap, long-life food to donate to a foodbank. Local foodbanks help those who cannot afford to feed themselves or their families for the entire month effectively. Eligible people can go in and pick up a set amount of groceries to last them the week or month at no cost.

Foodbanks rely on donations from supermarkets, charities, and other people and there are usually donation points within a supermarket or options to donate directly by dropping supplies at the foodbank’s door.


2) Carpool with colleagues.

As the price of fuel skyrockets, consider starting a workplace carpooling system. Each person agrees on a day and then takes it in turns to drive to and from work. This strategy allows you to only pay for one round trip to work per week if you can get enough people involved, thereby saving you the cost of a full week’s travel.

Some companies may also offer subsidized travel depending on your job and the distance you travel each day, so it is worth looking into.


3) Clear out old clothes and sell or swap them with friends.

If you have friends who are the same clothing or shoe size as you, think about having a clear-out of your wardrobe to sell or swap your old clothes and shoes. Selling them cheaply helps you earn a little extra cash whilst letting your friend get a bargain, and swapping means both parties receive something new.

You could then do spare clothes, shoes, and accessories to charity, or list them for a reduced price on a secondhand site such as Depop.

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