Three Dog Breeds Ideal For First Time Dog Owners


Deciding to adopt a dog is a lovely thing for someone to do; it brings joy, companionship, and support to both the owner and the pet. However, it is important that you do your research and get a dog that is best suited to your lifestyle.


If you fail to do this, then the relationship between you and your pet can be difficult and you may even regret adding them to the family, resulting in a rehoming situation, or sometimes, very tragically, euthanasia.


If you are thinking of getting your very first dog, read on to find out which breeds would be best suited to novice dog owners.



1) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small bundle of fluff is an ideal addition to a family thanks to its gentle nature and quiet demeanor. The spaniel possesses a moderate amount of energy and requires a basic amount of daily exercise.


They are also easy to train and despite their long coat are simple to groom. They can live up to an average of 12-14 years.




2) Poodle 

These dogs are unique in that they come in three different sizes, toy, miniature, and standard, so as a first-time dog owner you can pick the breed that is the most suited to you. They are highly intelligent, can adapt to changes easily, and tend to get on well with children.


The only potential issue is that their fur grows constantly, so you will have to regularly groom them. The life expectancy of a poodle is between 10-18 years.




3) Golden Retriever 

Goldens are well-known for their ability to be wonderful family dogs. They tend to be great with children, are very affectionate, and have a calm, loving temperament. They are a medium-sized breed, so would be ideal for someone who prefers a bigger dog.


They can require a lot of training to become obedient to commands, but the training process should be simple thanks to their high level of intelligence and love of learning. They also need a fair amount of exercise and regular grooming to stay in shape. Their average life expectancy is 10-12 years.




We hope you have found this article helpful! Let us know in the comments if you decide to adopt one of the above breeds!

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