Three Best Apps for E-Book Readers

It is now obvious that eBooks, also known as digital books, are taking in the place of physical books; either due to save money or space. And the source of those eBooks comes from an app, which can be easily downloaded from a Google Play Store.

With a million apps and platforms emerging online, it is sometimes hard to choose which one is the best app for new readers. Here are the three best apps which offer the most compelling and entertaining books.

1. Wattpad – Where Stories Live

Wattpad offers a wide variety of genres; fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, short stories, etc. The books on Wattpad are as enjoyable as those published books in bookstores and book shops. In fact, Wattpad books are much less heavy and easy-reading ones.

Besides, what is much more fun is that one can type anything on the search box, and a huge number of books related to the searched topic popped up on the app right away. As a result, it saves quite a lot of time to pick another book.

Wattpad is where writers and readers can communicate without any boundaries. So, Wattpad is also an online platform for passionate new writers. Most of the books on Wattpad are free. But of course, as the saying goes “The best things are hard to get”, some best books ask for fees to be able to read till the end of the book.

2. Dreame

Dreame is another online platform where a bunch of enjoyable books exists. Frankly saying, Dreame books are a little bit longer and heavier to read. Still, the books are so captivating that you will find yourself wanting to read till you reach the end.

Just like Wattpad, Dreame offers several genres. Personally, I think Dreame is a place where erotic books can be found easily, which must be warned for young readers but it is quite interesting for adult readers, who want to dive into smut books.

Dreame asks for fees for most of the books, but still, certain chapters of the book can be accessed for free. Usually, since it isn’t feeling good to leave the book unfinished, you will find yourself unlocking the next chapter by buying coins. Some Dreame users complain that coins are a little bit expensive that sometimes they can’t afford to finish the books.

3. Fizzo

Only a few people know there is an app for book lovers called Fizzo. Fizzo is previously known as Fictum. It is a platform where writers meet readers and vice versa.

Just like Wattpad and Webnovel, many genres can be found on Fizzo. What Fizzo users don’t know is that there are some books, or maybe many books, which are directly translated from original native published books. Those original books are mostly Chinese books, which people should take a look at them. Chinese books have extremely compelling plot twists and intriguing characters that you will find yourself wanting to read till the end even if the book has 1200 chapters.

All the books on Fizzo are free. What might put a reader on the edge is that sometimes, each update of another chapter takes a little bit longer than one can wait. The feeling of impatience is worst when one is so intrigued by the book.

Conclusion :

Wattpad, Dreame, Fizzo; all three of them are pretty good platforms for experienced and new readers alike. They are the best options when one gets into a reading slump or when one wants to have a light reading.

Personally, Wattpad is the best option for vampire, werewolves, and mafia genres whereas Dreame is the best option for sexually explicit books with the same above genres. As for Fizzo, drama plus romance books are the best.

Published fantasy books in book stores and book shops are sometimes pretty hard to understand. But fantasy books on these three apps are easily understandable and enjoyable. Take a look at all three apps and enjoy their books, especially fantasy books.

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