THOUGHTS: Think or You Die!


The Importance Of Having Thoughts


Have you ever stopped to imagine a life where we don’t think? Oh!, Don’t bother, even to do that requires us to think.


I recently witnessed an argument between an atheist lady and an active Christian lady on the existence of God. I had a good laugh at the expression of the Christian lady when the atheist began to mention the reasons she felt God doesn’t exist. My good sis was mortified! Haha!!. She looked like she couldn’t begin to fathom how anyone would think that God doesn’t exist and even vehemently argue about it.


One common thing I could pick from their different stories of creation was THOUGHTS. According to the Christian lady, God looked at the world and thought to himself that it looked empty and too dark so he said, “let there be light” and there came light. Therein, he proceeded to create everything. Then from the point of view of the atheist, the world all came to be through evolution and reproduction. The thought process is still very prominent in this. “How?” You may ask. Well, for animals to reproduce, they must mate and during this process, thoughts of lust occur between the opposite sex which prompts them to meet in coitus after which reproduction occurs.


Human thoughts can be said to be the source of every world’s innovation and invention. Thoughts of how to solve problems, and satisfy one’s wants and needs are how human beings have evolved from the wandering early men’s days to a world of constant technological advancement. So, my dear reader, we need to always think. Thoughts are the driving force of life itself!.


But one question remains in mind as not only animals and humans are living things but also plants. So do plants actually think too and how do they think?. I guess this is a good topic of discussion for another day.

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22 thoughts on “THOUGHTS: Think or You Die!

  1. Okeke-sam onyinyechukwu hellen says:

    Alot don’t understand that thought build man existence…..if am not mistaken every existence on this earth started with thoughts and was built with thoughts either positive or negative…to cut the long story short mind how you grow your thoughts because your thoughts build the man and existence you have become….nix piece keep it up

  2. Oluwatofunmi says:

    Going through these I discovered that there is no reason to argue about the existence of God believe what u feel like believing, but for me I believe that there is God and he is sovereign over all

  3. Tosin Obiyomi says:

    This is a beautiful article. Everything that is done in the world must start with a thought. Thats why when someone does a wrong thing, you hear comment like he is thoughtless.

  4. Samuel Ugochukwu says:

    Very thoughtful of you to write!!! Let’s all keep our thoughts on a positive note for a better world existence no matter our religion and believes…

  5. Danben Spencer says:

    This is so lovely..Thoughts is very important,our thoughts have incredible power to shape our life and the lives of others..

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