This July’s Indie Games: From Cat to Frog Games!

If you’re a sucker for indie games, you’re in for a treat this July. In July’s batch of forthcoming Indie games, it seems like we’re getting games mostly centered on animal characters.

From adventure games to management games, it’s time for you to try out new indie games again to reset your heart from fast-paced FPS games and finally give yourself peace of mind with these indie gems.


1.  Bear and Breakfast

Source: Gummy Cat via Steam

If you’re looking for a casual game and you like bears, Bear and Breakfast is the perfect game for you. In this management game, you play as a chill bear who’s running a bed and breakfast in the woods. Expand and decorate your bed and breakfast to your heart’s content while exploring deep into the woods!

Release: July 28, 2022


2.  Time on Frog Island

Source: Half Past Yellow via Steam

Castaway on an island, you must search, gather, and trade for materials to fix your broken ship! But there’s a catch… everyone’s a frog on this island! In this peaceful game, explore the frog island while helping your frog friends solve issues!

Release: July 12, 2022


3.  Stray

Source: BlueTwelve Studio via Steam

In a cyberpunk world, take on an adventure as a cat to solve an ancient mystery and find your way back home. Explore the cyber city as far as your paws can take you, and encounter futuristic bots along the way.

Release: July 20, 2022

4.  Endling

Source: HeroBeat Studios via Steam

In this adventure game, you’ll get to learn that extinction is forever as you play as the last mother fox in this world. To save them, you must care for your cubs and teach them everything they need to know.

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