This Is How BTS’ RM Deals With Haters


BTS is known as the best group in the world right now. All countries, continents, and every part of the world know who BTS is. People also admit how amazing BTS ARMYs—their fans—were, are, and always been. But there is always a bad or downside to everything, right?


Everyone knows BTS but not everyone like BTS. There might be some hardcore fans, light fans, general listeners, and also haters. BTS is on their 9th year as the band and there are still some people who hate them for the reason that we don’t know.


Little did we know, BTS knows everything about the hate that is directed at them, all this time.


At the end of 2021, James Corden once made a joke about BTS ARMYs that is consist of fifteen years old teenagers when in fact, BTS ARMYs are so diverse in terms of age, race, nationality, gender. His ‘joke’ offended BTS ARMYs, especially on Twitter. A lot of people were talking about it even taking ‘side’ and ‘stance’ on this case.


Weeks later, BTS showed up on The Late Late Show with James Corden and the first thing that RM addressed during the interview was the ‘hot water’ between James and the ARMYs.


At that time, ARMYs on Twitter were very surprised because they never thought that this case will reach BTS. The way RM cleared up this problem showed his professionalism and manner when it comes to something that is not in their favor. RM got a lot of praises and compliments for the way he solved the problem most neutrally and professionally.


Earlier this month, after BTS lost their 2nd GRAMMYs nomination, a lot of negative comment has been circulating online. And of course, BTS knew about it.


RM indirectly addressed this during his final moment—a time at the concert where the performer gives a speech to the fans—on PTD on Stage Las Vegas Day 1 (08/04).



“I know there’s a lot of noise out there about GRAMMYs, why give a s*** about it? Hating is their freedom and they have their right to hate but I’d rather just talk with my friends in some cafe and forget about it. Rather than tweeting about it… I wouldn’t do that, cause I’m a grown-up.”

He also reminded us about BTS’ true purpose, the ARMYs.


“Anyways, we didn’t come to Vegas for the GRAMMYs, we came to focus on the ARMYs! The records, the titles, accomplishments, the trophies, they are really important but that wasn’t the first thing, the first reason why we started all these things. These two hours of communion, energy, eye to eye, singing along, dancing together, this communication, this is everything, this is why we’re doing this right? I love you! Let the haters hate, let the lovers love.”


“Let the haters hate, let the lovers love,” what a beautiful phrase that has been said. RM always has the best way to address and solve everything and comfort the ARMYs. That’s why he is a good leader.


During RM’s Vlive on April 8, once again he talked about his stance on dealing with the hate that they’ve received all this time.



“We make something meaningful and share it with people, whether it be through music or concerts. That’s the reason why we started doing this. We wish to keep our energy focused on that reason. I also personally don’t check people’s reactions online as much as I used to before.”


RM also asked the fans to stop giving reactions toward haters. He is well aware that hate toward BTS might hurt the ARMY’s feelings but rather than giving attention to hate and debating over the useless things, it is better to focus on the positive thing only. It is so much better for health and well-being.


“So… yeah. I think I’ll continue to not talk about any of those kinds of things in the future. I want to use that time to focus on personal development and work on becoming a better person. That’s all. Anyway, I hope you keep that in mind. We’re going to work even harder.”


BTS will continue to make good music for their fans, and their ARMYs, and only focus on the good things and growth. We are rooting for you, BTS!

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