This 8 Best Netflix Films in 2021 That Predicted to Be a Flood of Awards

Netflix started their journey as a streaming and movie rental service. Soon, they penetrated as distributors and production houses. In these two new roles, Netflix did not disappoint.

Netflix has successfully produced and distributed many quality films. Some of them have purchased their broadcast rights from prestigious film festivals, like the following eight films predicted by many entertainment media as one of the strong competitors for various award events in 2022.

1. The Power of the Dog 

Source: wikipedia

Based on the novel of the same name, The Power of the Dog is a drama film with a riveting twist in the middle and end of the film. The pace may be slow, but the plot is unique.

The conflict began with a man’s decision to bring his new wife and stepson to the house he shared with his older brother. His brother greeted the decision wryly, who always looked fierce and unfriendly to anyone. However, his heart slowly melted when he got to know his stepdaughter.

2. The Lost Daughter

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The Lost Daughter was also adapted from the novel of the same name. The story is about Leda, a middle-aged woman who goes on vacation to a small town after being separated from her husband and adult children.

Her dark memory of being a new mother awakens when she meets a young mother and her daughter. Directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, this story is based on the psychic exploration of women who have been and are currently living their roles as mothers. This drama genre cinema will air in late 2021 on Netflix.

3. Passing 

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Nevertheless, the audience was presented with an eye-opening story in the drama genre. The setting is in New York in the ’60s, where there is still discrimination against black people. This is what makes some people practice passing efforts, namely ways so that they are considered part of a race that is regarded as better.

One of the characters in this film passes to be able to enjoy the privileges of white society. However, in his heart, he longed for himself, who used to be able to mingle freely with black people.

4. The Hand of God 

Source: wikipedia

The Hand of God is a semi-autobiographical film by Paolo Sorrentino that explores the experiences of his youth. Paolo was orphaned at a young age due to an accident that killed his parents. He survived because he watched a football match for the Napoli club, which at that time was strengthened by Maradona.

Typical of Italian films, the cinematography of this film is stunning with a poetic narrative. However, it must be admitted that there are still many male gaze scenes here because it uses the point of view of teenage boys.

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