These Drugs Cause Harmful Effects if Consumed Together With Coffee

Drinking drugs among the very dangerous coffee, caffeine in coffee will react with chemical compounds in the drug and give birth to a variety of negative effects. Although coffee has a lot of efficacy for the body, but sipping adjacent coffee to the time of taking medication will cause interactions that have a negative effect on the body.

A study conducted in 2020 in Ehtiopia concluded the danger of these caffeine interactions and drugs. In the study it was stated that caffeine could affect the absorption process, reshuffle, distribution and drug expenses from within the body. Purvi Parekh, a medical expert from Pennsylvania United States, said there were many side effects of mixing caffeine and medical drugs.

The danger takes medicine with coffee when you sift the coffee adjacent to the time of taking medicine, caffeine in coffee can reduce the effects or efficacy of existing drugs. Quoting from Eatthis, here are the types of medicines that should be kept away from caffeine. So when eating these drugs, you should limit your coffee consumption in everyday.

1. Thyroid

Should be consumed in empty stomach conditions. And after taking medicine, try the stomach stay empty for 30 minutes to one hour so that the absorption of the drug can be maximized.

2. Osteoporosis Medicine

Osteoporosis drugs must also be kept away from caffeine. When you sift the coffee adjacent to this drug, the drug effectiveness will decrease dramatically. Also read: How to Overcome Tremor and Anxiety Because of Most Caffeine Effects

3. Stomach Acid Medicine

Stomach acid medicine is well taken in the morning when the stomach has not yet conceded drinks and food. When you still consume coffee after taking gastric acid medicine, the acid content of coffee can damage the efficacy of existing drugs.

4. Heart Medicine

Diuretic caffeine should not be taken when you are taking drugs for the heart. Caffeine content in coffee can interfere with absorption of drugs and make drug effectiveness decrease very drastically

5. High Blood Pressure

Medicines for high blood pressure contain diuretic compounds, making you urinate frequently. When combined with coffee, this effect will be getting worse and disturbing your night’s sleep.

6. Flu Medicine and Fever

Some fever-lowering drugs contain stimulants. When combined with caffeine from coffee, this stimulant effect will be many times stronger and make you difficult to rest. Citing research published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, the best drinks to swallow drugs of course are mineral water.

Because other drinks such as coffee, fruit juice and soda drinks, can inhibit drug absorption or even increase the effect of the drug many times so that it harms your body.

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