These are The Best Anime Songs for The Fighters!

Have you enjoyed the anime song when you watch it as the first or the last part of the movie?

Anime songs give some weird shiver, seducing, or an important message for the audience before we start the film. Sometimes, we save or download that song which leaves the best thing for us. Maybe you can remember these songs below.


“Silhouette” – Naruto Shippuden

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“Sillhouette” is the 16th ost for naruto opening song by Japanese rock band Kana-Boon. This song is full of energy about our dream to catch the goal.


“Kaikai Kitan”- Jujutsu Kaisen

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This song is the first opening theme song of the anime adaptation by Eve. Please don’t stop yet…. Don’t stop yet think and try to take the future! We are the true more powerful than anyone. That’s why this song is really cool.


“Wake Up” – One Piece

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This 17th opening song for One Piece of Dressrosa Arc. Wake up is popularized by AAA. Let’s Shine! Running Forever! Wake Up! Wake Up Heart Beat! Be confident guys!


“Fly High” – Haikyuu!

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Fly High was performed by Burnout Syndromes for the second season of the Haikyu!! Series. You will burn by the song that tells you how the young and wounded bird glares at the sky with sweat, blood, and tears mean something about effort, isn’t it?


“My War” – Attack on Titan

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My War by Shinsei Kamattechan fills this song with hard emotions about violence. But, as we know that is true that the world is cruel so that’s why we have a reason to fight.

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