These 7 Types of Faces Known in Korea Are Taken From Animal Names

If you are a fan of drama or other Korean entertainment, you must have heard of the term puppy face or cat face when watching Korean dramas or variety shows. These names are the types of faces that exist in Korea. Koreans identify a person’s face type with an animal, so the Korean face type is taken from the animal’s name.

Koreans are known for their pretty strict beauty standards. The Korean Beauty Standard, or what is often abbreviated as KBS, does not only refer to one type of face. Many Korean celebrities are considered to live up to their beauty standards, having different face types. What are the types of faces? Check out the following list.

1. Puppy’s face type 

Source: Soompi

Puppy face type or puppy face type is the type of face that is considered cute in Korea. This face type is identified with a puppy because it gives the impression of being sweet, cute, and friendly like a puppy. This face also gives the impression of being innocent and kind.

Common features of this face type are round eyes, a short nose, and soft facial lines. People with this type of face generally look younger and cheerful because of their bright and friendly facial expressions. Examples of celebrities with this type of face are Park Bo Young and Lee Min Ho.

2. Cat face type


People with cat face types have sharp, edgy lines on their faces. Their eyes tend to be narrow and slanted, with a sharp nose. Although his facial features look sharp like a cat, people with this face type have a strong, sexy, and chic expression and aura.

The expressions on the cat-type faces sometimes make them misunderstood. Because people with this type of face have a sharp gaze, they are often seen as cold and arrogant. Some Korean celebrities with cat-type faces are Yeji from ITZY and Kim Jaejoong from JYJ.

3. Horse face type 


Horse face types are not so difficult to identify. This face type has a long face as its main feature. In addition to a long face, this face type also sometimes has a long nose.

The jaw and chin of the horse face type are pretty prominent and firm. In addition, they are also known to have good and large teeth. The owner of this face type also looks very friendly. Some celebrities with horse face types are Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and BTS’ J-hope.

4. Turtle face type 


Turtle face type actually does not directly refer to the turtle animal in real life. Sounds a bit strange, but the ‘turtle’ that is used as a reference is a character in the Pokemon anime, Squirtle. People who have a turtle face type are people whose faces look like Squirtle.

The Squirtle character has a round face, with large eyes. This character also looks cheerful and has a big smile. Celebrities classified as having a turtle face type are MAMAMOO’s Solar and Red Velvet’s Yeri.

5. Fox face type


The fox face type looks similar to the cat face type because their eyes are both sharp and have a neat facial line. The difference between these two faces lies in the eyes of the fox face type, which are slightly narrower and angled upwards. In addition, people with fox-type faces have a sharper chin and a pointed nose.

This type is one of the most popular facial types in Korea. This is most likely due to their pointed chin, or V-shape shape, which is a benchmark for Korean beauty standards. Some celebrities with a fox face type are G-Dragon and Super Junior’s Yesung.

6. Rabbit face type 


Rabbits’ facial types are instantly recognizable when they smile. People with a rabbit face type have striking front teeth, like a rabbit. Their faces are similar to that of a puppy type due to their large, bright eyes. In addition, this face type has a nose and lip size ratio that is smaller than the top of their face.

In addition to a smile decorated with a distinctive tooth shape, this face also has other distinctive features. People with this face type are also known to have adorable cheeks. Their facial features make people with a bunny face type look sweet and cheerful. Celebrities with the rabbit face type include TWICE’s Nayeon and iKON’s Bobby.

7. Dinosaur face type 


Dinosaur face types have a striking characteristic in the form of charisma that radiates from their faces. This face type is known for its strong and assertive appearance. Some of these face-type characteristics are the shape of the jaw that is firm, strong, and conspicuous, the eyes are small, and the face is slightly long.

Because it has a manly and manly impression, almost everyone with a dinosaur-type face is male. However, this type of face also often gives off an innocent charm. Some celebrities who are known to have this charismatic face type are actors Gong Yoo and Big Bang’s T.O.P.

Having a certain face type doesn’t mean one looks better than another. Each face type has its own charm and uniqueness. What type of face does your favorite Korean artist have from all the various types of faces?

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