There Will Be More Plant-Based Foods in 2022

Plant-based foods are predicted to thrive in 2022.


We are all agreed that plant-based foods are dominating food chains everywhere. In order to reduce animal foods consumption, the idea to produce artificial meat was realized around 2019, when food chains finally introduced their plant-based product. Maybe this idea was inspired by Beyond Meat.

Image source: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat was originally founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. Brown has a mission to fight against climate change, thus he contacted two professors that have been expanding meatless protein for several years, Professor Fu-hung Hsieh and Harold Huff from the University of Missouri. Beyond Meat launched the first product later in 2012 namely Beyond Chicken Strips in the Whole Foods market.

Image source: Beyond Meat

In 2014, Beyond Meat started its plant-based meat journey by producing Beyond Beef Crumbles as its first plant-based meat product. Since their products are expanding, Beyond Meat has several main products now, such as Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Beef, Beyond Meatballs, and Beyond Chicken.

Since Beyond Meat’s products are very popular among vegans, some fast-food chains want their foods to be vegan-friendly as well, therefore Beyond Meat started a collaboration with some fast-food chains. In 2019, a collaboration between Beyond Meat and KFC is made. The launching of Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta, drive people’s curiosity and sold out on the first day. Besides KFC, McDonald’s also collaborated with Beyond Meat and introduced Beyond Meat Burger in Ontario. Now, the company has partnered with numerous fast-food chains such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Jr, etc.

Image source: The Spoon

Aside from Beyond Meat’s collaboration, there are also fast-food chains that introduced their plant-based product. One of which is Burger King, they introduced their Impossible Whopper in 2019 and keep it on the menu until now. BK also has a mission to be free from artificial ingredients at the end of 2021. A famous ice cream chain Baskin Robbins introduces their non-dairy ice cream too in the same year, they keep developing more flavors for the non-dairy variant ice cream as well.

Image source: Baskin-Robbins

This plant-based thing become a trend in the pandemic era. Since the WHO can’t predict when this global pandemic will end, and for the better environment’s sake, plant-based foods will keep expanding. Next year’s prediction, there will be more variation of plant-based foods, and maybe all the fast-food chains will change their meat, beef, or chicken with the plant-based ones.

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