There Are Three Elements To Lucid Dreaming.

Here are three lucid dream elements that you should be aware of. Why are these three things important to know? You should have a profound understanding of your dreams after studying this.




Dejavu is another feature of Lucid Dream that enables you to visit the Fifth Dimension and look into the future.

That’s because Dejavu allows you to previously see this phenomenon. The problem is that you have never been able to manage it, or perhaps this is an uncommon situation.

However, if you learn to manage it, trust me when I say that this will assist you in avoiding situations that might endanger your life.


Sleep paralysis, also known as the Curse of Baphomet, is a form of lucid dream in which you become paralyzed after dreaming or occasionally realize that you are simply dreaming but are still unable to talk, yell, or move your body. All you can do is move your eyes and consider what is occurring.

This may also be used to induce hallucinations, but take caution doing it frequently or constantly might awaken your sixth sense and result in paranormal activity.

You’ll notice demons, evil spirits, and other creatures, as well as unusual noises and the voices of the dead.

Some people make use of this talent to connect with loved ones who have passed away.

Once more, use caution since you run the risk of becoming insane and being sent to a mental facility.


Astral projection is the culmination of Dejavu; it enables you to dissociate from your physical body and journey through many dimensions of time and space. Additionally, you may follow someone you like.

This is the most difficult element of lucid dreaming to accomplish; it requires time, work, and courage to face your fear.

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