The War On Drugs Should Be Decriminalized

This is a serious issue I would like to touch base on and by far it should hit a few that have or know someone with this kind of problem and would like to defend the solution, which may not be a good one, but a response towards criminal liability.


My friends, as I chose this topic to write about, I had thought of it carefully and most genuinely of course, where it had to be said and spoken on by most people either in Canada or most parts of the world.


This has been a conversation in Canada among some experts that are lobbying for the motion to go through, and to me, it should also be presented worldwide to defend the notion of one being presented and called a drug addict, a person that truly deserves better treatment in the country and most helps to stop, but also a commitment towards surpassing the stage of modernism around the world as it is changing the days and months as we go on.


The reason I am defending this type of thought is solely because of the chaos it has been creating from the early 60s to the date when hard drugs were introduced to society.


However, yes, I do not agree with some forms of drugs that are being distributed around the world or even being created in countries for mass distribution. But, the key reason I present this argument is because of the nature of harm it has done to society in general and the damage it will cause if not dealt with accordingly moving forth.


Drugs were made to make an individual feel good about themselves, wasting tremendous amounts of money, fighting with their own families, living in shame and seclusion and most importantly feeling that same emptiness they felt before indulging in the substance.


Seeking help is one thing for a person and yes some are unable to get that help because of living circumstances. For most, it is a privilege to use and be keen on doing substances, while others are helpless in their woes.


Desperation takes place and takes the livelihood of the person and labels them as unfit for society.


But in my argument towards this subject, the keenest way of dissolving a toxic nature is to fight it with respect and care. Where I had learned from many institutions I did my research on. Many hospitals and rehabs centers do not use force of any sort and do not treat a substance abuser any different than society labels them.


In many ways they do their thorough research to understand this type of behavior and look for many ways to combat that nature by providing educational programs.


As I understand this cause called addiction, I believe that there would be benefits to relinquish the criminality aspect of cause for concern in society and mainly move on to drastic measures which would actually help defeat the art of smuggling and drug wars in grief stricken countries nevertheless.


Such particular measures would thoroughly need to be researched and given thought as to how the borders are vulnerable to smuggling and match that with an eye of eye type of response that would deter smugglers from making any type of money from this trade.


How Do you say? That is not my expertise and I would not know where to start but rather suggest such measures to protect the vulnerable in ways that would deter drug dealers from praying on the innocent.


After careful thought, it is my opinion that decriminalizing would be a step closer to helping addicts such as being people again without having to worry about law enforcement and being locked up in jail.


Many ways to combat those types of scenarios would be to help build more institutions that heavily provide assistance to addicts and help nurture their blessed souls, for those that want the help.


Next steps would be to provide adequate funding for education in the fields of medicine and health wellness and psychological programs to students who wish to make a keen difference in our country and around the world. Especially addressing the needs of those who can not survive without substance abuse.


To quote two doctors who did their respective research and are pushing for this motion in an article/thesis I had found while doing my research:


“Canada and the United States have recently evaluated the decriminalization of drugs as multiple provinces and states put motions forward to consider drug decriminalization legislation. The influence of factors such as demographics, substance use, perceived substance use risk, and personality have not been widely studied in predicting attitudes toward drug decriminalization. A total of 504 participants were drawn from university (n = 269, 53.37%) and community samples (n = 235, 46.63%) through online social media groups and posts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc). Analyses indicated that male gender, single or non-married relationship status, living outside of Atlantic Canada, higher problematic alcohol use scores, lower Extraversion, higher Open-mindedness, and lower perceived risk of using substances emerged as significant predictors of support for drug decriminalization. These findings have important implications as public attitudes toward a substance influence drug policy.” —-

Amy L. MacQuarrie

Department of Psychology, University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus, Saint John, NB, Canada

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