The US Will not be Silent if Russia Deploys Nuclear Weapons Near America

The US will not be silent if Russia deploys nuclear weapons near America

(le-ri:) Vladimir Putin & Joe Biden (image source: Kompas)

Washington threatened to give a strong response; if Russia mobilized nuclear weapons in Latin American countries or near the United States (US). The threat came after Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said; Moscow was considering placing his missiles in several Latin American countries. Or against the placement of US military forces and NATO near Russia.

The US Ambassador for the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Washington would not be intimidated by Russian aggressive brainstorm; about placing military hardware or even nuclear venue missiles near the United States.

“Russia attracts every straw from the basket they can pull to intimidate us to allow them to take this action. They know that if they take aggressive action against the United States, they can expect the response; and the response will be a strong response, ” Thomas-Greenfield told Washington Post Live on Tuesday (18/1/2022).

“We know that they are trying to respond by means of intimidating the world; but we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated. We also will not allow Ukraine to be intimidated to endanger its own security,” continued the American diplomat.

Thomas-Greenfield did not specify why the purely hypothetical Russian military placement near the US coast would be “aggressive”; while the accumulation of US and NATO was ongoing in front of the Moscow door did not.

Putin’s response to the allegations

President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have repeatedly expressed concerns; about the construction of US missile defense facilities in Poland and Romania. Which can be easily changed to fire roaming missiles Tomahawk upstream nuclear explosives far into the interior of Russia.

Last month, Putin also warned that the spread of US missiles in Ukraine; would mean the flight time to Moscow was only 4-5 minutes if there was a war. On Monday, when asked whether Russia was considering the placement of missiles in Cuba or Venezuela, Peskov said: “Obviously, in the context of the current situation, Russia is exploring the option that will ensure its security.

A week earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov signaled that Russia remained open to mobilizing several types of military infrastructure in Latin America. “I don’t want to confirm anything, I also won’t put aside anything,” he said.

In December, a few days before the publication of the Russian twin security proposal to the US and NATO, Ryabkov said that Russia “offered alternatives” to repeat the Cuban missile crisis scenario.

“Including this non-placement of these weapons near our border, withdrawal of troops and assets that disrupt the situation, rejection of provocative actions, including various exercises,” he said. “But we need guarantees, and the guarantee must be legal,” said Ryabkov

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