The UAE Bans Indoor Smoking

Enjoy your vacation in the UAE and its beautiful surroundings without the worry of cigarette smoke.


To protect its people and the younger generations, The Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a new law that prohibits the use of all types of smoking products in indoor areas. Tobacco, hookahs, and electronic cigarettes are no longer allowed in restaurants, offices, and all other public closed spaces.


This ban was placed to protect people from secondhand smoke & raise awareness about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Should you want to smoke your cigarette of the day, you will need to smoke it on the balcony or outdoors.


“Tobacco control has emerged as a top priority for MoHAP, and we have devised an integrated strategy through the National Tobacco Control Program Lowering cigarette and tobacco consumption has been adopted as a key performance indicator of the UAE National Agenda,” the MoHAP stated.


This decision, which took effect on May 31st (World No Tobacco Day), is a significant step forward in the UAE’s efforts to improve public health. The United Arab Emirates has one of the lowest cigarette consumption rates in the world, and these new rules will keep the numbers in check!


With the step of banning cigarette smoke in many public places, the UAE will continue to be one of the healthiest tourist destinations in the world. The country is committed to maintaining its natural environment while becoming one of the leading nations in health care and wellness.

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