The Top Tricks for Clear Skin


Countless women endeavor to get clear skin. The methods for getting your perfect skin will be different for everyone. Women who suffer from acne or blemishes have dry, oily, or a combination of the two skin types.


Avoid popping spots

A spot means trapped oil, sebum, and bacteria. It is a sign that your skin is trying to fight back against the nasty toxins. Even though popping spots may seem tempting, they will disturb your natural healing process. After you have popped the spot, the exposed surrounding skin might become infected. The exposed area may also result in permanent scarring.


Don’t Touch 

Touching your skin with your fingers can result in dirt, oils, and bacteria being left on your skin and result in breakouts.


Gentle is the way forward 

People who require additional care for their skin will usually discover that they react well to gentle products, less likely to irritate the skin. Products that commonly irritate sensitive skin include:

•           alcohol-based products

•           toners

•           exfoliants

•           astringents


Warm not Hot 

If you suffer from dry skin, bathing, showering, or washing your hands will just cause further disruption to your skin. Try bathing using lukewarm water. It won’t dry out your skin or damage it as much as hot water.



Our cells in our body runoff water. By drinking more water than usual, you will improve the functioning of your skin cells. The skin cells closest to the nasty toxins in everyday life so will probably be at more risk of losing their moisture.



Variety, variety, and variety. The skin cells runoff nutrients you consume from food. Try and mix up your diet now and again. Eating food lean in protein and rich in healthy fats will help provide nutrients to your skin cells.



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