“The Summer I Turned Pretty” Is Now Available On Prime Video.


What is summer without a good new series to binge to get all the sunny and fuzzy feelings about summer love?


Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty has been turned into a tv series adaptation and was released on June 17 on Prime Video.  A coming-of-age romantic drama that is the perfect way to lounge on the couch and giggle and swoon over the two Fisher brothers. 


On an annual summer vacation to their family friend’s summer house, protagonist Belly reunites with childhood friends and as the summer days fade away, she finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle between the two brothers. A summer measured in memories and heart-fluttering moments, Belly is determined that this summer is where everything changes. 


It’s the summer when her childhood crush might see her differently and reciprocate the feelings she’s always had for him since they were kids. The angst and yearning between a sunshine main character with a mysterious, brooding bad boy will have you giggling and fangirling over all the cute moments. Also, throw in some Taylor Swift songs to enhance the love story and you have a new comfort show to binge on more than once.


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” has everything you need to romanticize summer love, fun and adventure, and the heartache of waiting around for someone to fall in love with you. A well-made adaptation to the books, if you haven’t already read them. This new summer drama will have you rooting for Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah. 



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