The Story of Sania Khan’s Murder

Sania Khan was a 29-year-old photographer from Pakistan, who relocated to Chicago from her home in Chattanooga last year.

On Monday, July 18, Shania and her ex-husband were found dead in her Chicago apartment.  The Cook County medical examiner’s office listed Khan’s death as a homicide and her estranged husband Raheel Ahmad’s death as a suicide. Sania’s ex-husband  Ahmed traveled to Chicago to reconcile his marriage but instead he ended up shooting and killing Sania before shooting himself. Sania was discovered dead at the scene, but Ahmed was taken to the hospital and later declared dead.

Ahmad’s relative contacted the agency in Alpharetta, Georgia, to report him missing, according to police there. The agency then made contact with Chicago police to check on Ahmad’s welfare at the site, where he was eventually found.

Khan’s friends said she was seriously considering getting a restraining order against her estranged husband and many of her friends encouraged her to seek one. Khan had recently signed a lease with her best friend Gabriella Bordó who was on her way to Chicago to help Khan pack for her move to their new home in Chattanooga. Bordó stated: “She was leaving. They hadn’t lived together for a long time. She had a home here with me. I was there to bring her home. There was no reconciling,” Bordó says. “This man did not go there to salvage a marriage. He went there with a gun for a reason. He knew I was coming. My social media and hers is completely public. It was his last opportunity and he took it.”

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