The Sound of Magic is Coming to Netflix, and We are Excited!


Ji Chang-Wook is back with his new series: The Sound of Magic!


The series, which will premiere on Netflix on the 6th of May, is predicted to be the next big thing after Squid Game’s success in 2021. Based on the webtoon “Annarasumanara”, Ji Chang-Wook plays the role of magician Lee Eul who appears before troubled teenager Yoon Ah-Yi (played by Choi Sung Eun).


Alongside the two plays Hwang In-youp, who is best known for his performance in the romantic comedy “True Beauty” as Han Seo-Joon. In a world of fantasy and song, the three embark on glorious adventures to make their wildest dreams come true with the help of a little magic.


Despite his track record as an action star, Ji Chang-Wook has indicated that he will be shifting his focus to romantic comedies after suffering from health problems at the age of 29. While we are saddened to see that one of our favorite K-DRAMA stars is suffering from injuries, we are excited that he has found a new approach to showcase his acting abilities.


It is a refreshing look to see Ji Chang-Wook in the world of fantasy and comedy, especially in his magic hat and tux, and we are all here for it!


So come on! Butter your popcorn, warm up your blanket, and turn off the lights because on the 6th of May, we are all binging The Sound of Magic!


Check out the trailer below:

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