The Sopranos : The Wiseguys From New Jersey

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

One of the classic TV series, it follows Tony Soprano, head of the New Jersey Italian-American mafia, struggles to manage his family and his criminal life, and trusts his issues to his therapist Jennifer Melfi.

Creator : David Chase
Starring : James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli

Here are some aspects makes “The Sopranos” worth to watching :

1. The Story

Set in New Jersey, it follows Tony Soprano, an Italian mobster who tries to balance his family life with his role as the boss of an Italian mafia (DiMeo Crime Family). Suffering from panic attacks, he engages in therapy sessions with his psychiatrist. Tony also finds life difficult with internal politic & other mafias (Lupertazzi family).

2. Family Life

Beside being a mafia leader, Tony Soprano is also the head of his own family. He has 2 rebellious kids that are always curious in what he does for living. Well, Tony makes them believe that he is just an ordinary guy with a waste management business. Each of the family member has massive role to play here.

3. Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher Moltisanti, the name speaks for itself. My second favorite character in the show. Tony refers him as his nephew, and Christopher sees Tony as a father figure. Christopher’s behavior is problematic but he is always reliable to do most of Tony’s dirty works. See their strong / dynamic relationship only in this show.

4. DiMeo Crime Family

One of the fiercest Italian gangster operating a number of businesses. Each is unique and has their role to fill, from handling daily security task, administrative task, crime task, etc. Each are simply loveable to follow (especially when they can’t speak Italian well).

5. Strong Women

The show is filled with strong women. Dr. Melfi is Tony’s psychiatrist that solves most of Tony’s mental issues. Carmela Soprano is Tony’s strong wife that solves most of Tony’s family task. Adriana La Cerva is Christopher Moltisanti’s girlfriend that knows a lot too. All comes with fine quality acting.

6. Enigmatic Places

Prepare to see plenty of iconic places in this show, from the super-rich-mansion where Tony’s family are staying, the Bada Bing nightclub where the Sopranos meet at dark, or the Meat Market where they had their lunch with no business talk allowed. Each are iconic and well established places.

7. Bunch of Amazing Character

There are already many loveable characters in The Sopranos, but the show even added more & more top characters into it. And it also include the brilliant Steve Buscemi as Tony Blundetto (Tony Soprano’s cousin who was recently released from prison, but he possesses any gangster personality).

The Sopranos Main cast. ©Chase FIlms/Brad Grey Televisions/HBO. 1999. (source:

The Sopranos won a staggering total of 21 Emmy Awards, including 2x Best Series in 2004 and 2007. It also sweep the win in acting categories, most of their actors won Emmys for their roles, and only few modern TV show has more Emmys than The Sopranos. Simply one of the greatest series ever.

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