The Songgoriti Temple kota Batu

Hidden wonder of the world

Candi Songgoriti. (source: jejakpiknik).
The Temple of Songgoriti Kota Batu Indonesia. Located in the kelurahan Songgokerto it’s about 3,5 km from the alun alun. Unique and filled with magic, not many people know,  even the Batu’s people itself. Two spring with the defferent temperature is the reason why its called the hidden wonder on the world.

The legends said that the temple was build in Ancient Mataram Kingdom. It was around the IX-X centuries. The King Sindok, was asked Mpu Supo to build a temple and take care of its existence. The temple currently visible is the peak, while the temple body is still buried in the ground. 

Songgoriti is also called Patirtan or place of purification. Because there are two spring with the different temperatures. The Hot springs which have a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.  While the cold one are around 15 degrees Celsius.

They are believe that springs can treat all kinds of diseases. Such as skin,or internal diseases. There are two distinct benefits. Hot water for bathing, while the cold water for drink. And for the good news, it’s all free. you can take the water by your self.

Hot Spring in Candi Songgoriti, Batu, Malang. (source: berakhirpekan).

Suharyoto, the caretaker of the Songgoriti said, this place was once an ancient crater.  That is the reason, why we find  hot springs that continue to flow, even until now.

In other side, the masters make Songgoriti for the meeting place. One of them is making heirlooms. On the other side, the masters of Songgoriti making it as a place for a  meeting. In the specially occasional days, the temple is used for jamasan keris; it’s a ritual for a heirloom washing.

Songgoriti, it could be the only one temple which  is have  2 different springs in the world. the legend said, the area temple where ken arok and ken dedes, the king and the queen of Singhasari was met.

View from North of Candi Songgoriti. (source: Wikipedia).

Now candi songgoriti can visited as an interesting historical tour in Malang, especially Batu City. come and enjoy the hot springs!

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