The Smallest Bonsai From Batu

The art of recreating nature to your Home.

Bonsai Tree (Image source :

Let’s talk about the smallest bonsai tree! Then find the unique!! The smallest bonsai tree called Keshitsubo.

One hundred years ago, Bonsai was introduced by the Japanese to the world, although it originated in China, precisely during Tang Dynasti.

Bonsai is about the Art of creating nature in miniature. That’s why Bonsai Fame never even fades with time. They are classified into three size groups – large, medium, and mini. Any bonsai tree under 10 inches is considered “small“, and the smallest bonsai can measure less than an inch! Rich!So How small is a small bonsai tree?

Small Bonsai Tree from Batu, Indonesia. (Source : wikipedia)

The basic concept in Bonsai is to make a mature tree in small size; so the smaller the Bonsai is, the more difficult to make. Overall, bonsai is a great interest, hobby, or even profession to do. Although well-known theologians have claimed that it is 90% art for 10% little horticulture, it must be said that a successful bonsai is definitely a horticultural masterpiece.

Can we make it ourselves? why not. From the narrow Oro Ombo, Batu City, Indonesia. Wariaji is one of man who  succeeded in developing  mini bonsai trees. He make  many different character  and selling it to another city and around the world. He collects bonsai material from the garden around his house. the smallest bonsai made by him is around 1,5 cm tall.

Small Bonsai Tree from Batu, Indonesia. (Source : wikipedia)

How much does it cost? Mini bonsai prices range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah. While cultivating bonsai is a slow process,  supermini bonsai can be enjoyed as soon as it is planted in a pot and its simple and satisfying plant to grow and cultivate.

It’s so adorable, you can fit the whole forest in your hands! Or import so many trees into your home. (sarah-ID)

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