The Silent Sea Review: When World Desperately Needs Water

The competition will never end even the world will end. 

WARNING! Spoiler ahead.

Before Christmas Eve, Netflix released another stunning K-drama that brings the sci-fi genre and outer space theme to the platform. Featuring Gong Yoo and Bae Doona, The Silent Sea depicting the situation where water is the rarest thing on Earth. To find an alternative resource, a group of astronauts and researchers was sent to the space station on the moon; to retrieve samples that believed will save humanity.

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The story was started with an invitation for Dr. Song Ji An to join the mission on the moon. Later, she meets with another crew that joins the mission. The mission is very simple, just retrieve some samples from the Balhae space station and come back within 24-hour.

Image source: Netflix
Technological assistance, & the future settings

Since the story was set in the future, the technology that was shown in The Silent Sea is quite relevant, it is simple yet advanced and relevant with the time set 2075; which is not too far from the present time. The exciting moment when the group’s plane was crashed on the moon; the visual effect is trying to show the actual situation when you are on the moon. The sound of the crashing plane was almost muted because you can’t hear any sound in space. That’s why when the group decided to walk to the station is very quiet. The CGI also did a great job in showing a realistic moon surface and the space station exterior.

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With a mission to the moon premise, The Silent Sea will bring you on a nerve-wracking journey signed with the crashing plane. Even when the group is on the way to the space station on foot, one of them must collapse due to injury and lack of water. Well, the intensity has not ended yet, since they need to reach the station as soon as possible before they run out of oxygen. Not only that, the group found out that a virus breaks out in the whole station five years ago and it still can infect them as well. Nowhere is safe.

Theoretical framework

For an outer space theme series, the story is pretty simple and the theory is coherent. Five years ago, the researcher found a water source on the moon called “lunar water”, a water that can multiply when it meets with a living organism. As Earth is in a water crisis, this discovery should be a big advantage. Unfortunately, the lunar water is not friendly to humans. When a human is in contact with lunar water, their whole body will be filled with water and they will die drowning in their own water.

To tell the audience about the tragedy five years ago, the plot flowed back and forth. The problem in this invention is not only the lunar water; but also some political matters where Director Choi hid the truth of the Balhae space station and the accident five years ago. Director Choi also uses this discovery to prove to the whole world that she has found another resource and can save humanity. Somehow, this is a competition between countries as well.

Overall, The Silent Sea is very worth watching for you who like outer space theme films or series. Drown together with the crews into the tranquility and mysterious lunar water, never end tension waiting ahead only on Netflix!

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