The Silent Killer


From what is understood that an increased number of Canadians are taking up smoking cigarettes and the past-time is becoming more popular than ever for some reason.


Due to the fact of stress-related answers and the fact that it is a soothing experience for many that find it helpful in a way that relaxes the mind for a brief three to four minutes in a repeated manner that could last for a day to a week with one pack, but also a life-time if unable to quit the habit.


The desire comes from the chemicals that are induced in these cancer sticks with over a thousand in just one cigarette alone.


People with a mental disability find it extremely helpful due to the nature that the feel good enzymes that are released in the brain, such as dopamine, which is the main enzyme that is released in the brain to help them cope with their stress issues and mainly helps them cope with most of their problems in life that deliver a negative effect in the community.


For many, however, it is a disgusting habit that should be dealt with accordingly, but what could do with corporations make millions and millions of dollars off the misery that is associated with people’s smoking habits.


In a sense, many alternatives could be used, not to mention the treatment programs that are provided in the communities, but the overall experience of just smoking one cigarette takes all that away and leaves the indulger with cravings stronger than the drug heroin and quite a few others.


Smoking cigarettes should not be taken for granted for the reason it is super-addictive and the fact it will leave a sour taste in the loved ones associated the smokers’ mouths, but also it takes away from the health and nourishment from the body that should not be overlooked by many.


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